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Welcome to Gemé Art

Gemé Art is a publisher of Fine Art Prints and 3-D Paper Tole Kits!

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  3D Art Classes held at our gallery, in Vancouver, WA!



Shipping cost is determined after order is submitted. We will email the shipping cost for your approval. Payment will be processed after you approve shipping.  Thank you!



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Gemé Art 3D Paper Tole Kits include:

~Prints for Project
~Cutting Guides
Over 500 Kits Available!!!!

We have 3D art tools available to help create beautiful 3d art!
(shaping tools/pads, knives, blades, cutting boards, Tombow Pens....)

Geme Art 3D Paper Tole Kits and Art Prints Store

Welcome to Gemé Art

We have had problems with our prints being copied. Not only is this illegal; it has hurt our family business terribly. We no longer can sale prints at a quantity of one each.

All Geme prints are copyrighted which means making copies of Geme designs is illegal and considered stealing. Even if for personal use.

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